Rustaq College of Education has been endeavoring to establish an effective management system in compliance with the Vision, mission and Values of the Strategic Plan. Consequently Rustaq College of Education has taken several measures to set up clear lines of communication to help ensure smooth and timely access to information, which will in turn, help to boost communication between the different stakeholders.

One of these measures is to regularly and consistently update the college website to expedite the flow of information to its right destinations. Thus the latest bid of updating has just been over with a new template and more new features to accommodate for the various types of academic and extracurricular activities. Browsers of the website will see new features like updates of incoming scientific symposiums, staff profiles, academic programs, study plans, alumni, campus life, news and events and more and more. This will definitely help to build more flexible and creative learning environment that allows students and staff to visit the web and get access to information.

I would like to heartedly thank the members of the committee which has undertaken this task and I further urge them to make this updating business a practice.




Dr. Ahmed AlBadri

Dean of the college