The College of Education at Rustaq has witnessed continuous development in various academic, scientific, research and student fields, along with partnership with scientific institutions, which contributed to upgrading the components of the teaching process in the College.

This comes in response to the mission of the Ministry of Higher Education, dissimilated via its various institutions, to promote  graduates qualifications  and skills in order to meet the needs of sustainable development. The College consequently, exerts outstanding academic efforts to prepare the students according to its strategic plan which integrates with the Sultanate s  national strategy of education in activating partnership between colleges, universities and the various community labor sectors, on the one hand, and developing the graduates skills to meet the requirements of development through curricular as well as extracurricular activities and programs which are implemented in the College.

In the area of quality assurance, the College is taking steady steps towards toward achieving its vision and mission to reach institutional accreditation. The College also pays attention to the scientific publishing in well repudiated scientific journals and the promotion of the roles of university education, and partnership with various scientific and community institutions.

Today, the College of Education at Rustaq is proud to be one of the beacons of education in our dear homeland in order to build the man who achieves his mission to develop this society

The College of Education at Rustaq offers many academic programs: Business Administration, English Language & literature, Information Technology and Teacher Education Program in Science and Mathematics.

Through the programs it offers, the College seeks to provide the community with qualified cadres who are capable of adding quality to the building of our dear homeland. The College will continue to follow its mission to upgrade its graduates qualifications through its various programs to meet the needs of sustainable development.




Dr. Ahmed AlBadri

Dean of the college