Department of Science.
Department of science is one of the most new departments created in Rustaq
Education college in academic year 2017 / 2018 simultaneously with converting
Rustaq college to Education college. The department has 4 units, physics units,
chemistry unit, biology unit and lab unit. In addition, the department devotes all
facilities available to sustain a high level of teaching offered for students.
The department covers Specialization component for the program which scaled 80
credit hours out of 133. In September 2017, the department receive the first batch of
Education students in Science whom reach 336 students, distributed as 95 Physics,
117 Chemistry and 124 Biology students. The department has six labs, 2 for each
discipline where practical part for courses is taught, a capacity of 150 students. The
department involve academic staffs from different countries with some of MSc
holders and three of lab technicians.

Mission of Department.
The department contribute in support job market in Oman with graduates who are
highly prepared scientifically and occupationally and to work in Education sector in
the country.

Vision of Department.
Department of Science endeavor to achieve distinction in teaching science by offering
good environment for teaching, studying, research and society service which all
participate in preparation of well-educated graduates having the positive role in
building and developing process.


The upgraded Education program in the three discipline, physics, chemistry and
biology has started in the academic year 2017/2018 in the first semester. It aimed to
update all scientific courses which designed for education program offered by the
department of science. The department cares that these courses are all up-to date,
gives the latest information reached by their field. The program can be considered as
an extension of previous education program taught in Education college between
2005 – 2008, with updating all what related to the program, i.e course description,
assessments, teaching methods… etc. In parallel with the theoretical part of course,
the program also aims to upgrade practical part of courses, which has lab hours. The
college has six lab for science program, equipped by the latest tools and system
designed for teaching science.
According to the degree plan for education program in science, student has to study
133 credits based in credit hours system, and distributed as the following:

Components Total Credit hours
Foundation program Pass / fail system
Specialization component 80 Credit hours
Occupational component 38 Credit hours
Cultural component 15 Credit hours
Total 133 Credit hours

The program targets to perform kind of completeness and integral between the four
components in order to prepare a good generation of teachers working in Education
field in Oman. Studying the program takes 8 semesters ( excluding summer semester )
distributed in 4 year. Student start his study with foundation courses which designed
to enhance his knowledge in basics of mathematics and computer science, this
foundation program is run in parallel with first year science courses such as general
physics, general chemistry and general biology. By the time, courses get more
advanced year by year. The Specialization component for each discipline in science
program has around 25 courses, and this leads to prepare well qualified teachers. By
reaching third year, student start to have practicum courses ( practicum 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ).
These courses gives students essential skills and experiences by taking education
training in local schools.