Brief About the Mathematics Department:

The progress of nations is measured by their superiority in science. Big portion of excellence in science is based on the forefront at the field of mathematics. Those who ask about the applications of mathematics in our lives as if asking about the importance of the alphabets. All science requires mathematics; the knowledge of mathematics is almost innate in us. Mathematics is very important for all applications in different areas of life.

The Department of Mathematics is one of the main departments in Rustaq College of Education. The department preforms mathematics courses for the students of the department as well as students of other scientific departments at the College. The department aims to prepare national students that are distinguished scientifically and educationally to contribute to national development. The graduate holds a bachelor s degree in mathematics after passing 133 credits divided into 8 semesters as follows:

Foundation Program Components (0 Credit Hours), Specialized Component (80 credits) Cultural component (15 credits) and professional component (38 credits)


The college vision is to provide a distinguished scientific program locally and scientifically in the field of mathematics and its applications, scientific research, and community service aiming to prepare scientific students distinguished scientifically and educationally to contribute to the national development.


The college mission is to qualified scientifically and educationally the students in the field of mathematics and their applications, by helping them to think logicaly and teaching them the skills and the scientific research methods to contribute effectively on service the society.


• Preparation of specialized scientific students with a high degree of scientific qualification.

• Providing the labor market with the needs of specialists in mathematics.

• Support the teaching of mathematics in various stages of education.

• Encouraging scientific research and providing students with basic specialization skills.

• Keeping the department updated with the scientific progress and modern technology and its applications in the field of mathematics.

• Link mathematics and its applications to practical life.

• Providing studies and consultations in the field of mathematics and statistics for the local community.

• Updating and developing educational programs to keep the department abreast with the scientific progress and to contribute building the scientific personality.

• Qualifying national Omanis teachers with scientific and logical thinking based on applied mathematical analysis to contribute on the national development programs and plans.

• Qualifying graduates with quality scientific knowledge that enables them to pursue academic achievement and obtain higher degrees.

• Encouraging faculty members to research and publish in prestigious international scientific journals and to attend and participate in scientific conferences, seminars, training courses and local and international workshops.

• Cooperation with scientific institutions and research centers to develop curricula and courses in line with the requirements.