Bachelor of Information Technology Program


Overview of the Department


The Information Technology department has been established in 2010/2011 .Since that, it plays an active role in advancing the intellectual frontiers of computer science, creating new computer technology, applying that to meet the needs of today’s technological society. IT Department consists of 21 members: Ten are PHD holders and the reset are Master holders with many years of experiences.

The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree is a 4 year 128 credit hour program taught in English, designed to produce graduates who are competent in their major disciplines, as well as IT in general: graduates who are ready to be involved in the development of Omani industry. As the name “Colleges of Applied Sciences” suggests, our students are exposed to significant practical work and, where possible, linkages with Omani industry are being developed and exploited.

The department is offering four majors: software development, Data Management, Information Technology security and Computer Networks.


Software development pushes the students understanding of abstract concepts through advanced data structures and the latest software innovations. Graduates of this major will be experienced in both procedural as well as object oriented languages, and a full year project is undertaken in conjunction with a course on software project management. Electives such as concurrent programming, computer graphics and artificial intelligence challenge the students further whilst adding an extra layer of interest and motivation.
Data management addresses the complexities of large-scale distributed data as is found in the world today. Graduates will have worked with large amounts of web-based data, and designed and analyzed a number of data searching and mining techniques and algorithms.

IT security prepares students to understand and combat threats to security in a rapidly changing world. More than any other major, it is important to keep up with the market evolution and to keep abreast of concepts and implementation techniques

Computer networks offers grounding in current technology in use in Oman as well as the latest innovations across the world. Network technology, network management, internetworking, and wireless networking are all very relevant to the expansion of Oman today: combined with the concepts of network security make graduates of this major very useful to industry.


The vision of the department is to be an outstanding center of excellence in education, research and professional development in information technology.


The mission of the department is to provide the high quality education in information technology; to produce graduates who are knowledgeable, innovative, confident & able to think critically; to undertake research at the frontiers of computing technologies and to serve professional societies, the community, the region and the nation.


The core values guiding the department are:

  • Shared governance.
  • A sense of community.
  • Mutual respect and human dignity.
  • Sensitivity to work-life concerns.
  • Academic excellence and freedom.
  • Personal and institutional responsibility and accountability.


  • To produce Information Technology (IT) professionals to meet the labor market needs.
  • To produce appropriately skilled and sufficient responsive manpower to embrace the fast changes in Information Technology.
  • To produce graduates with confidence and excellent communication skills which all employers’ value.