The college council consists of the membership of the following:

  • The Assistant Dean for Academic Support Affairs.

  • The Assistant Dean for Academic Support Affairs and Scientific Affairs.

  • The Heads of the Academic Departments.

  • The Head of the Scientific Research Department.

  • The Heads of the Centers.

  • The Director of the Administration and Finance Affairs Department.

The college council is in charge of the following:

  • Making suggestions for academic programs and study plans.

  • Discussing the topics directed from the councils of the departments and taking the appropriate actions.

  • Discussing the topics related to students and taking the appropriate decisions.

  • Reviewing the results of exams and discussing approving them.

  • Developing the educational and research process in the college.

  • Recommending giving the certificates and degrees in accordance with the academic regulations.

  • Organizing the scientific research process and encouraging developing it.

  • Looking at the needs of the colleges regarding the faculty members and other positions.