Overview of the department:

Business Administration Department, College of Applied Sciences, A’ Rustaq offers courses leading to a Bachelor degree of International Business Administration in the following specializations:

  • International Business Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Hospitality Management and Accounting


Building upon the College of Applied Sciences’ Vision, Mission Statement, and Values, the administration and staff of the Department of International Business Administration (IBA) take pride and commitment as agents of change with regard to the following mission statement, vision, and values:


The Department of IBA envisions in becoming unique and distinctive for providing practical and applied education through high quality teaching and learning experiences and to be a pioneer in offering market-driven specializations in Business Administration in Oman.


In line with the mission of the Colleges of Applied Sciences (CAS), the Department of IBA strives continuously for delivering globally competitive and locally responsive high quality education related to business administration and allied disciplines (such as accounting, banking, hospitality, management, and tourism) that will train and develop its students for successful employment in a global world as well as to become competent citizens who contribute toward both Oman’s economy and society.


  1. Loyalty – creating a sense of trust, respect, and belonging among students, staff, and administration of the Department of IBA for enhanced retention of students and staff.
  2. Service – encouraging voluntary and mutual help among the administration and staff of the Department of IBA to continue in providing high quality teaching and learning.
  3. The Advancement of Knowledge – research activities of the staff are encouraged and supported by the Department of IBA both for continuous advancement of knowledge and for designing up-to-date curriculum that is fit for providing career-oriented practical education to students.
  4. Creativity – the Department of IBA’s staff members engage actively in creative and critical thinking through their continuous professional development to enhance students’ learning experiences and competencies and to promote students’ problem-solving skills.
  5. Professionalism – staff members are provided with the opportunities and the resources required for pursuing their professional interests which are directly linked with the Department of IBA’s goals.
  6. Partnership – the Department of IBA encourages and supports its staff to get involved with the CAS, business enterprises, alumni of the Department of IBA and CAS, and the Government to add more value to its stakeholders.



  • To provide students with a multicultural understanding of business and its environments grounded on solid moral and ethical values.
  • To empower students with different educational qualifications, cognitive and personal skills and knowledge, which will enable them to be efficiently and competitively placed in the labor market.
  • To build self-study and life-long learning capacities as well as entrepreneurial skills which can help the department graduates starting up their own businesses as potential entrepreneurs.
  • To prepare students to become responsible and active key players and decision makers who can effectively participate in the development of Omani local communities.
  • To have contribution with research projects and academic publications in a wide range of activities targeting the development of the Omani economy and the progress of its various business sectors.