Rustaq College Of Education was established in 1987 as a community college along with another five colleges in other provinces across the Sultanate. In 1994, these colleges became colleges of Education run by the Ministry of Higher Education. Later in 2007, the six colleges of Education were converted to Colleges of Applied Sciences (CAS) by virtue of the Royal Decree 62/2007. Out of the six CAS colleges, Rustaq College Of  Education is the only College that still offers the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree in English Language and Literature, Mathmatics, Physics, Chemestry an Biology which started on 2016/2017.


The B.Ed degree in the other Arabic-medium departments has phased out. In addition to the English Language and Literature, Rustaq CAS offers two more Bachelor degree awarding programs: Bachelor of International Business Administration (BIBA) with majors in International Business, Tourism, Hospitality Management; and Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) with majors in Software Development, Computer Networks and IT Security.